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Texturing and Shading for Production

Maximizing Efficiency in Commercial / Feature Film Pipelines


This tutorial runs through an asset from initial planning to final workflow between texturing and look development using Maya, Mari and V-Ray. From his many years in both the high demands of commercial pipelines to the high standards of feature film work, texture artist Jesse Flores goes over various techniques and efficient workflows for best tackling an asset. Planning early on and maintaining an organized scene not only keeps an asset moving smoothly through the pipeline but relieves any technical burden to the artist, freeing them to focus on what is important; the art. Jesse begins by analyzing various materials and explains how he approaches these scenarios, moving quickly into a locomotive asset. The tutorial continues with the UV-ing process, organizing the scene and preparing early on for any changes that may and will occur down the line. This tutorial is a must for any texture artist who wants to understand how a texture pipeline can benefit both production but also creativity.

Duration: 7h 55m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Jesse Flores

Look Development / Lighting Artist

Jesse Flores is a look-development artist and lighter currently working at Hogarth Worldwide as a senior lighter in the world of marketing — a pivot from his previous blockbuster work at Industrial Light & Magic. You can see some of his work in films such as Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War, and Transformers: The Last Knight. A native New Yorker and a graduate from The School of Visual Arts, he has worked at some of the most premier commercial houses such as The Mill, Framestore, and Method Studios as a lighter, texture artist, and look-development artist. Recognized by Foundry, Jesse has also had the opportunity to showcase his work at the NAB trade show.