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Photogrammetry for Production Artists

Prop Scanning Through to Final Production Asset with John William Crossland


Capture and create your own 3D props for production using photogrammetry with this comprehensive guide for Modo, Marmoset, Photoshop, Agisoft, Lightroom, and ZBrush. In this 4-hour workshop, John William Crossland, a Lead Principal Artist at Remedy Entertainment, sheds a light on the entire process for those looking to get started with photogrammetry on a small scale. He details several ways to achieve low, medium, and high-range scans and explains how to produce a decent-quality scan that can be used as a baseline for a production asset.

John walks through the entire process of creating a mountain boot asset using his tried-and-tested production workflow, from initial capture through topology clean-up, hard-surface modeling, and applying materials, before tackling the final renders. Throughout the demonstration, he shows various techniques to process scan data and how to create a clean, high-poly sculpt, as well as a low-poly mesh with UVs ready for texturing in Marmoset.

This photogrammetry workshop is designed to help those with limited experience to successfully produce a scan to be proud of. His pragmatic guide to photogrammetry goes through all the steps needed to process your scan data and take it all the way through to a final sculpt, including baking and materials. Upon completing this workshop, you’ll have gained many practical insights into the photogrammetry process and will have a solid guideline for starting your own projects with minimal setup needs.

The workshop is intended for you to sculpt along with John. His ZBrush ZTL file is provided with all the working steps, along with his Modo file (scene supplied with .obj) and the final Photoshop composite. The Marmoset scene file is also included with this workshop for subscribers to access and utilize.

Duration: 4h 27m

Format: HD 1920x1080

John William Crossland

Lead & Principal Character Artist at Remedy Entertainment PLC

John William Crossland is a Lead & Principal Character Artist with over 12 years of experience working in the games industry. John is a Fine Arts graduate with a background in Graphic Design and currently works at Remedy Games in Finland, where he is the Lead and Principal Artist on Alan Wake 2. Previous credits include Watchdogs Legion, Quantum Break, and many others.

Follow John on Instagram at @johnwcrossland and on Twitter at @johnwcrossland.

  • Are you looking for rapid growth in your career in character creation? This course is definitely for you. John not only has the passion but also mastered cutting-edge knowledge of character creation. We are always amazed by his professional approach when working together in Ubisoft for many hero characters.

    - Kenny Lam
    Art Director - Ubisoft Toronto

  • John Crossland has always demonstrated in our Character team that the more you know about your crafting tools and process the more fearless you can be as a successful artist in this demanding industry. With the gravity always toward reaching best quality in the assets. John always set a great example for how the learning process itself can unlock more artist love for the craft.

    - Patrick “p@!” Ingoldsby
    Art Director Torn Banner Studios