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Nuke Projection Workflows for Feature Films

Using Maya, Nuke, Arnold & Photoshop with Nacho Thomas


Discover how professional artists working in feature films use paint-overs and projections to speed up their workflow, allowing for more techniques to be accomplished in compositing without needing to jump back into 3D. Generalist Nacho Thomas shares non-destructive techniques to help artists level up their renders by creating comp-friendly projections using AOV sequences in Nuke.

This 7-hour workshop demonstrates production-ready techniques using non-destructive workflows. You’ll discover efficient solutions to create your own projections, giving you more time to focus on your art. Nacho begins with an overview of the Maya process, emphasizing how to work with large environments and handle the AOV outputs. Arnold is used to render, though the techniques demonstrated are common to most renderers. Nacho then progresses to Nuke, where the focus of this workshop lies. The workflow involves occasionally jumping into Photoshop to handle any digital painting work.

This tutorial is intended for both 2D and 3D artists looking to advance their skills; generalists and environment artists with some working knowledge of Nuke will also greatly benefit from the techniques showcased. In the Nuke segment of this workshop, you’ll learn how to work with an AOV sequence. You will discover how to build your own tools in Nuke, and create your own production-ready tools to add to your workflow. Nacho’s Nuke master file and three sequences used for the shot (Beauty, Utility, and Volumetrics) with light groups and all necessary passes to follow along are provided with this workshop as downloadable project files.

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Duration: 7h 23m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Nacho Thomas

Generalist Artist/Supervisor

Nacho Thomas has over 20 years of experience working in the CG industry. He primarily works as a Generalist, specializing in digital environments, though he’s worked in many roles from artist to CG supervisor. Most recently, he’s been focused on environments for feature films, working for top VFX companies such as Industrial Light & Magic, MPC, Framestore, DNEG, and Ranchito. His credits include The Mandalorian, Transformers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Exodus, The Jungle Book, 47 Ronin, and many more. 

  • Nacho and I worked together at DNEG on several projects, and he is one of those rare artists who is the complete package: artistically gifted, technically adept, and a pleasure to work with. A great supervisor/artist. Put it this way: DNEG had a suite of tools for advanced DMP work and they were called "Nacho Tools.

    - Robin Konieczny
    Robin Konieczny, Head of Environments at Light VFX (Former Head of DMP at DNEG)

  • I have worked with Nacho for several years at DNEG and ILM, working side by side on a lot of shows. He Is an amazing generalist: lighting, modeling, texturing, lookdev, and great matte-painting skills. He has a really good artistic eye, and he applies this in all areas. A team leader that gives solutions to the most complex VFX challenges, he is definetly a reference artist to learn the good ways to work in matte painting and generalist environments.

    - Roger Tortosa
    Senior Generalist/Lighting Artist at Industrial Light & Magic

  • I have worked with Nacho for many years at MPC and DNEG. He's the go-to guy for anything that has to do with environments, Nuke, and beer.

    - Juanma Ortiz
    CG Supervisor at Ghost VFX