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Material Texturing for Production in Mari & Maya

Learn Production Techniques for Feature Films With Peter Aversten


This comprehensive material texturing workshop teaches industry-proven techniques tried and tested on feature films by Lead Texture Artist, Peter Aversten. During 8.5 hours of video tutorials, Peter walks through the techniques he uses in production using primarily Mari and Maya, beginning with the fundamentals and demonstrations of more beginner concepts covering the Mari node graph — perfect for those transitioning from a layer-based workflow. The workshop then gradually builds on the processes explored in the initial chapters, while demonstrating how to work with a typical hero UDIM asset that would be found in the majority of feature films.

Peter reveals how to texture assets for RenderMan using physical values and shows how to create some of the major materials, highlighting a combination of techniques that are both procedural and texture-library-based. He also explains how to use physical values for texturing from the Index of Refraction databases and discusses how a typical feature film pipeline works to provide all-important industry insights.

Topics range from production UVs, material assignments in Maya, to working with different packages including Substance Painter for baking utility maps as well as using texture resources from both Substance Source and Megascans. He additionally walks through how to set up a test scene using RenderMan for Maya to test the progress of the textures produced during the series.

Project files include the 3D asset, Mari procedural nodes, and the Index of Refraction values used in the material creation process for the RenderMan shader and are available to download with a subscription.

Duration: 8h 40m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Peter Aversten

Cross-Show Lead Texture Artist

Peter Aversten has been using Mari for more than a decade while working as a Texture and Lookdev artist at major studios in both the UK and Sweden. He has over 20 years of experience in feature films and commercials and served another 8 years prior to that working for ad agencies specializing in graphic design and retouching. He has been published in various magazines including 3D World

Peter has worked for many of the VFX giants including Cinesite and MPC and has contributed to over 30 feature films including Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Justice League, The Revenant, Ant-Man, and Captain America: Civil War to name a few.Peter was involved in the beta testing of Mari in preparation for its commercial release and has been involved in every release since. He has also provided official training materials for and beta-tested Pixar RenderMan and enjoys producing learning materials for the texturing community.

  • Peter has a lot of experience and broad skillset. Over the years, I've always been impressed by not only his technical knowledge but his artistic talent as well. Peter is someone you would always want on your team.

    - James Stone
    Head of Asset at Cinesite Montreal

  • Peter has a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver complex, world-class VFX texturing. Combined with his ability to clearly communicate and educate, Peter is the perfect texturing tutor.

    - Tom Reed
    Head of Character Lab at MPC Film

  • Peter is a wealth of knowledge within the VFX industry and it’s so great that he is able to spend time creating wonderful content for everyone to learn from his vast experience. He not only has a great skill set when it comes to texturing but also has great knowledge when it comes to lookdev and rendering, which is extremely important to know as a texture artist in today’s day of PBR workflows.

    - Jason Gagnon
    Global Head of Lookdev at Method Studios