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Introduction to Katana

From Lighting Template in Katana to Final Render in Arnold With Taeyoung Kim


Katana is a powerful lighting and look-development application used across the globe by many studios, both large and small. Learning Katana independently or setting up a project from scratch can bring about many challenges. This 4-hour workshop by Senior Lighting & Look Dev TD Taeyoung Kim walks through all the basics of Katana and explains how to create a lighting template that can be used for your own shots.

This detailed workshop covers how to create simple yet useful tools inside Katana that will improve your workflow. Using the lighting template that is created through the workshop, Taeyoung then lights a simple shot and renders it out with AOVs using Arnold. He also shares his industry tips for setting up accurate lighting using an HDRi and a backplate. Using renders from one of the shots, Taeyoung then shares how to work with the AOVs and pull everything together in Nuke.

By completing this workshop, you will develop a sound understanding of how to work in Katana as well as how to render images that you can take into any compositing software.

The project files supplied with this workshop include all the .macro files and assets demonstrated throughout the training videos.

Duration: 3h 47m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Taeyoung Kim

Senior Lighting & Lookdev TD at Sony Pictures Imageworks

Taeyoung Kim is a Senior Lighting & Lookdev TD at Sony Pictures Imageworks. From his early educational background in traditional drawing and painting, Taeyoung Kim transitioned into digital art. He currently loves nothing more than scripting and creating tools whenever he can to make his work easier. His film credits include Vivo, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Smallfoot, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, and many more.

  • I have worked with Taeyoung for over 5 years, and he has always been a kind and helpful colleague! He is one of my go-to people when I need help with Macros and OpScripts and is talented in both lighting and look development!

    - Shreyasi Das
    Senior Lighting/LookDev TD, Sony Pictures Imageworks

  • I have worked with Taeyoung for more than 5 years. I only have good things to share about him. His technical knowledge and creative eyes are very competent. Whenever I hit a rock with problems, I always bug him, and he always says I will take a look and resolve it the next minute. A very trusted friend and colleague. You will never regret having a friend, colleague, or mentor like him.

    - Lee Chia Tan
    Lead Lighting TD, Sony Pictures Imageworks

  • I have known Taeyoung since he started at SPI. His calm demeanor and helpful attitude, along with his creative eye and technical knowledge, have always made him a great asset to any team he is on.

    - Kirean Tether
    CG Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks