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Designing Mechs in VR Using Medium

A Workflow Built for Speed & Flexibility with Andre-Lang Huynh


Learn how to use Medium to quickly and efficiently craft hard-surface mecha designs for the videogame industry. Senior Concept Artist Andre-Lang Huynh has worked in video games for a decade, specializing in mecha and hard-surface design. The workflow taught in this workshop is the same one used by Andre to design characters, vehicles, and weapons for Gotham Knights, including the Batmobile and Batcycle.

In this 3.5-hour workshop, Andre-Lang shares his VR workflow in great depth and demonstrates the flexibility of sculpting in VR as well as the precision that you can achieve with simple yet effective tools. You’ll see exactly how he uses Medium to block out and refine his mecha before rendering the final design using KeyShot.

This tutorial is designed to be enjoyed by everybody from aspiring artists to industry veterans looking to modernize their approach and add the power of VR to their arsenal. After completing this tutorial, artists should be able to quickly use Medium and KeyShot to create tangible and functional designs of their own. As a concept artist whose workflow has evolved from entirely 2D through adding 3D and is now almost exclusively VR, this is a fascinating workshop for 2D and 3D artists alike who are looking to add to their skillset and master VR sculpting tools.

The workshop also provides helpful brushes and kitbash parts to support the sculpting of mechanical and hard-surface designs with ease. Project files include Andre’s brush pack, kitbash pack, Medium scene file, and KeyShot materials.

Duration: 3h 53m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Andre-Lang Huynh

Senior Concept Artist at WB Games Montreal

Andre-Lang Huynh is a Montreal-based Concept Artist working in the videogame industry with over 10 years of experience. He specializes in mechanical and hard-surface design. Andre is currently working at WB Games, where he’s had the responsibility of designing multiple characters, props, and vehicles for the Gotham Knights game like the Batmobile, Batcycle, and Mr. Freeze. 

Also known online as “MechNuggets” online, Andre has developed a VR workflow that combines the flexibility of traditional sketching with the power of 3D. 

  • Andre is undoubtedly one of the top mech, hard-surface, and sci-fi designers today. His designs possess an irresistible tangibility, leaving you yearning to touch them. Seize this amazing chance to learn from a master of his craft, delve into his design process, discover new tools, and elevate your work to new dimensions.

    - Alex Figini
    Concept Artist & Art Director

  • Andre has a very fun and stylized mech style but still easy-to-understand details and intricate-looking shapes. His designs are simple yet effective. Highly recommend his tutorial for anybody trying to level up their mecha creations!

    - Dipo Mu
    Freelance Mechanical Designer

  • Andre-Lang makes mech designing in VR look easy, intuitive, and fun.

    - Emerson Tung
    Lead Concept Artist at id Software

  • Andre is truly one of the best mecha artists I know, exhibiting an innate understanding of mecha culture and a remarkable sense of hard-surface design. As a skilled professional and experienced virtuoso in the realm of virtual reality, Andre's tutorial seamlessly integrates his artistic prowess with technology, allowing you to unleash your creativity and explore the limitless potential of VR sculpting.

    - Prog Wang
    Principal Concept Artist at Respawn