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Creating a Realistic Humanoid 3D Character

Character Creation Workflow Using ZBrush, Maya, Mari & V-Ray With Babak Bina


This 3.5-hour workshop shares the complete character creation process of a humanoid 3D character, from 2D concept, through ZBrush, Maya, and Mari to the final render using V-Ray. Revealing his entire thought process and 3D workflow, Babak Bina, a Character & Creature Design Lead at Zoic Studios, begins from a 2D concept that he takes into ZBrush to explore design possibilities, searching for interesting ways to execute and enhance the concept art while visualizing the character in 3D.

Once satisfied with the character model, Babak shows how to create a generic UV using ZBrush’s automated system, UV Master, which can be taken into Maya to prepare it for a multi-tiled workflow. The texturing also begins in ZBrush, where Babak discusses how to harness the strength of masks combined with Polypainting to maintain all your sculpted details.

With the base Polypaint created in ZBrush, the textures are then ready to export into Mari, where Babak walks through his tried-and-tested methods for creating different channels in Mari based on the Polypaint and displacement exported out of ZBrush. In the final portion of the workshop, Babak investigates the most effective lighting setup for the final render and walks through the shaders he creates in V-Ray.

This intermediate-level workshop assumes some working knowledge of the listed software and is aimed at sharing the industry standard practices, tips, and tricks Babak has learned and gathered throughout his years working as a character artist in the film industry.

Duration: 3h 53m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Babak Bina

Character & Creature Design Lead at Zoic Studios

Through his journey as an artist, Babak Bina has pursued multiple creative disciplines, primarily graphic design, sculpture, digital art, and animation. Over the last 10 years, he has worked as a 3D generalist and character artist for Double Negative, Method Studios, and Scanline VFX on numerous productions. He has also dedicated time to educating, instructing, and mentoring students in various educational centers, including at Langara Centre for the Entertainment Arts in Vancouver, Canada. His VFX credits include Game of Thrones, Star Trek Beyond, Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, and Alice Through the Looking Glass. He recently co-wrote and co-directed his award-winning debut short film, “The Seahorse Trainer,” that qualified for the 2020 Academy Awards.

Follow Babak on Instagram at @bina.babak.