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Controlled Building Demolition FX in Houdini

Full Set Destruction With Timucin Ozger


Discover how to create an art-directable destruction scene in Houdini with this 5-hour workshop by Timucin Ozger, Head of FX at the award-winning Mr. X. This entire workshop is taught inside Houdini; only a basic understanding of the Houdini user interface is all that is needed to be able to follow along with this tutorial, from an empty scene file to a full-set demolition.

Tim reveals his production-proven, rigid-body destruction (RBD) techniques using the RBD Bullet Solver and shares how to properly fracture a model and create constraints together with secondary simulations such as debris and pyro effects. Throughout the process, Tim explains all the tools and concepts required, from TOPs setup for fast iteration, RBD Material Fracture, Packed Primitives, RBD Constraints, simulation secondaries, Custom DOP net smoke setup, Sparse Sim Pyro Setups, for-loops with Compile Blocks, Instances, and rendering with Redshift. As the final step, Tim details how to trigger all the events with custom objects to create your very own complete building demolition inside Houdini.

Houdini project files are supplied as a downloadable learning resource with this workshop.

Duration: 5h 49m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Timucin Ozger


Timucin (Tim) Ozger was first introduced to 3D back in 1997 with 3D Studio R4. He started his career as a 3D generalist, before later specializing in VFX. Over the years, Tim has contributed over 20 high-profile projects working for top studios including MPC, Platige, Weta-Digital, and Worldwide FX. His credits include The Suicide Squad (2021), Godzilla vs. Kong, Artemis Fowl, Aquaman, The Mummy, and Ghost in the Shell. Tim currently works as the Head of FX at the award-winning studio Mr. X.

  • It is easy to understand and I have not seen your way. and also I like it because it is project base from scratch to finish. I learned a lot from this tutorial

    - Junghee Lee
    FX Artist at MPC

  • Really great training, It improved me a lot!

    - Francesco Stefanelli

  • Huge amount of knowledge and the pace of the courses is great

    - Gregg Stankowski
    Lead Motion Designer at Moment Factory

  • I worked with Timucin on Xmen. He was my lead, he always give his best to help other artists. He’s technically proficient, with a very strong artistic eye.

    - Alexis Claud